All of our Formulation Briefings will be available in English and Vietnamese.

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10.30African Swine Fever: What Formulators Need to Know

  • How ASF has impacted markets so far: Update on the spread and scale of the disease across Asia
  • Up to date research on the ASF virus and its transmission
  • Practical advice for formulators: How can we keep these pigs alive?
  • Are we over the worst of the ASF crisis?
11.00PANEL DISCUSSION: How Feed Producers can Support the Disease Prevention

  • Which diseases are the biggest challenges for livestock producers in Asia?
  • How has the ASF pandemic has changed formulation, livestock production and markets?
  • How can we reduce the biosecurity risks when producing and transporting feed?
  • What on farm strategies are being adopted to reduce the spread of diseases?
  • Are there effective strategies and solutions to improve the health of livestock?
11.45Improving Immunity to Avoid Diseases

Hear from a leading scientist on the different proven nutritional strategies and solutions being used to improve monogastric immunity.


13.15Literature Review: New Solutions for Antibiotic Free Farming

This literature review will look at up to date research to assess the nutritional products and wider strategies aiding in the reduction of antibiotics in monogastric livestock farming.

13.45PANEL DISCUSSION: Alternatives to Antibiotics

  • What have been the biggest challenges in reducing the use of antibiotics across Asia?
  • How can feed producers best support livestock producers in reducing antibiotics?
  • What nutritional solutions have our panel seen as effective in supporting antibiotic reduction?
  • What are the best strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of feed additives?

Luang Dao, CEO, Mavin Group
Gabor Fluit, Business Group Director Asia, De Heus
with more to be announced


14.50Formulation Strategies for Alternative Raw Materials

Hear from a formulation expert on new raw materials that are being used in feed production across Asia and how formulation approaches will have to change to meet the nutritional requirements of these new materials.

15.20PANEL DISCUSSION: Formulating in a Cost-Effective Way for Sustainable Farming

  • How can we reduce the costs of feed formulation and production?
  • What are the biggest sustainability challenges in Asian monogastric livestock production?
  • Are their cost-effective ways of supporting sustainability approaches through formulation?
  • How could future formulation strategies be affected by changing consumer opinions?

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